We make awesome activewear because your hard work deserves nothing less.


SmartOne began humbly, in one of the least humble places in the world: the Hamptons. Surrounded by glitz and presumptuousness, it would have been easy to fall into the trap of becoming just another upscale brand. Instead, we created a brand of activewear carefully designed for people like you - overachievers.

We understand that amazing products - like unbelievable accomplishments - are born from hard work, inspiration and a dash of good luck. And that's why we've devoted ourselves to creating apparel that can withstand the intensity of your dedication, as you strive to make your dreams come true.

You need to feel confident, comfortable and capable, and we believe that our garments play a unique role in making that possible. We're all about you and your accomplishments.

No matter how hard you push, our apparel will never let you down.



We believe that life is about breaking the status quo, pushing beyond what you thought was possible and enduring the pain that inevitably accompanies striving after a worthwhile goal. You've learned that achievement isn't about someone else recognizing your potential, but rather you knowing you made the necessary effort.

Are you driven to succeed? Do you believe in a healthier way of life? Will you put in whatever it takes to reach your goals? If so, you’re a SmartOne. You've realized that life is about consciously deciding who you want to be, and putting in the sacrifices required to live up to that ideal.

At SmartOne we obsessively build products for people like you. Every garment is designed to be your partner on the journey towards your success. You're a doer. You take action. You are, without a doubt, an achiever.

Why do we work so hard? Simply put, because we have faith in your potential.



Comfort: Every contour and seam of a our garments have been carefully thought out to make them feel like a second skin that hugs and supports you. Whether you’re working out or snuggling on the couch, our goal is to make sure you feel your best! 

Dry technology:N A unique blend of textile engineering and body-wicking inserts give our performance workout clothes the advantage of keeping you dry, no matter how hard you push yourself!

UV Protection: Your skin has to last a lifetime. All SmartOne apparel pieces incorporate leading edge UV protection embedded to offer your skin the best protection available for up to 50 washes.

Odor Protection: Our textile engineers design every product to minimize the growth of bacteria that causes odor. Whether on your body or in your gym bag, SmartOne keeps you socially acceptable all day long!

Painstaking attention to detail: You live your life with perseverance and drive, and we believe our garments have to live up to the same standard. That's why every stitch, seam and contour has been studied and repeatedly evaluated.

Designed to match your drive: No matter how hard you push yourself, our apparel will never let you down.

Committed to a sustainable future: For us, it’s not about selling more; it’s about selling better.



Our pledge is to equal the dedication, perseverance and joy that you put into your life by delivering the finest activewear products you’ve ever experienced.